Come for the Shopping

You'll find shopping at The Distillery a different experience than shopping anywhere else. If you're looking for franchises, chains or traditional mall stores, you won't find them here. Instead you'll discover some of Toronto's best and most interesting, award winning stores, shops and boutiques offering one-of-a kind goods and wares from around the world.



Explore and you'll find . . .
... A fireplace you can move – even hang on your wall
... An egg timer that clucks when your eggs are ready
... Award winning purses made from recycled seat belts
... Exquisitely crafted designer jewelry
... One of the city's best selections of jeans
... The latest in lifestyle apparel
... Fabulous footwear
... State-of-the-art home accessories
... World class cosmetics

"Best part about shopping at The Distillery is the fact that there are so many one-of-a-kind items"
- The Toronto Star

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